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What is your opinion on the legislation to legalize marijuana in Canada? What could possibly be the underlying motivation behind the legalization of this intoxicating drug?

Marijuana is classified as a drug, mind altering, due to the hallucinating affect of the chemical, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a protective mechanism of the marijuana plant.

Are there some misunderstandings about the intoxicating drug, THC? Intoxicant means “to poison by taking a toxic substance into the body.” There are four hundred plus chemicals in marijuana. Tobacco, smoked, has clearly established its reputation as harmful to the body, and alcohol has proven to leave no doubt as well. Inhaling smoke from burnt, dried leaves, buds, etc. is not natural. Side effects are harmful from THC, as likewise from cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol, and recent drugs introduced into the street market.

From illegal to legal, and with the existing facts, no doubt far reaching implications are facing Canadians, both present and future. One thing for certain, Canadian taxpayers will be assessed costs for implementation of legalizing marijuana, coast to coast. Have you given consideration to the total costs of implementation? A copy of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Final Report may give you an insight, and I recommend you obtain a copy from your Member of Parliament, or Ministers of Health Canada, Public Safety, or Minister of Justice.

What has become of the direction toward betterment for the citizens, and the country of Canada using a more acceptable method such as education, guarding the law of the land through enforcement, or adding responsible legislation to compliment existing legislation on the topic.

Being essentially poisons, drugs can affect the mind by distorting the user perception, resulting in irrational, inappropriate, destructive and odd behavior.

Attempting to change the lives of people by taking drugs is in no way a solution to life’s problems because eventually the drug becomes the problem.

The real answer is to make absolute sure you have all the facts, and not to take drugs in the first place.

Exercise your power and your right to retain the will to live fully alive, drug free!

And what is you opinion on the long-term public costs to the taxpayer? Should marijuana receive final approval for legalization in Canada, in health care, family life relations, moral and ethics, law enforcement, Canada’s gross national product, and the country’s reputation as a democratic nation?

Keith Dewey, Rochester


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