Boyle makes moves to join TED committee


Village council votes to invite the tourism and economic committee to make a presentation

The Village of Boyle’s council made moves towards joining Athabasca County and the Town of Athabasca on the Tourism and Economic Development (TED) committee in an effort to expand Boyle’s tourism opportunities.

At the village council meeting Nov. 1, chief administrative officer Charlie Ashbey said the previous council was not interested in joining the committee, but “it does make sense for Boyle to be a part of a large organization because neither the town, county or Boyle is a single point destination.”

Coun. Patrick Ferguson said it would be beneficial for Boyle to begin dialogue with the new council in Athabasca.

Mayor Colin Derko said his personal opinion is Boyle’s situation is similar to that of the province as a whole, that “Our eggs were all in one basket, and that basket broke.”

“I think tourism is a huge part,” he said. “I know what it does for the area. I think that we would be absolutely ridiculous not to at least have them come and do a presentation so we can see what they’re about, and see what they have to offer for us.”

Ferguson moved to invite the TED committee to make a presentation before council. The motion passed unanimously.

According to the strategic plan for the committee published on Athabasca County’s website, the committee’s mandate includes making the community the best place to live, work and play; helping current businesses expand; and promoting what the region has to offer and what it can offer.


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