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After reading your article “Doctor approaches town on dangerous dog bylaw,” I felt compelled to respond. I am not a pitbull owner, nor have I ever been, but my brother’s stepson and daughter were both raised with his pitbulls. My adult children were also raised in close contact with my brother’s dogs from the time they were infants and my grandson with my son’s dog for the past three years. Never was there an incident of any kind with any of the five dogs.

As Hayden Chisholl points out, they are powerful animals and it depends on how the dogs are raised. That is no different than any other breed of dog. With any dog, the potential owner needs to figure out whether they are able to commit to the necessary time and effort to meet their family’s human and canine needs. Any dog needs to be carefully integrated into a family, particularly if there are young children.

Statistics are very useful but, without context, can be very misleading and only serve to add to the very real fear people are experiencing. A decision to condemn the whole breed of any dog because of incidents with a minority is wrong. I trust our town council will approach this issue without bias only after studying intensive research.

Sheryll Gallagher

Athabasca, AB


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