Financial madness


Wow, where does it end? The federal Liberals are forging ahead with massive $25-$30 billion annual deficits, with no end or strategy in place, outside of lying to the electorate during the election a year ago about modest deficits. Alberta’s NDP government will have a 71 billion dollar debt in a couple of years, with a $2.3 billion payment just for interest charges on this debt. Locally, Aspen View will be hundreds of thousands in the red this year, and both Town and County councils have issues, like the new carbon tax, a myriad of projects such as the Old Brick School, the Riverfront, repairs for Nancy Appleby Theater, increased rent for The Library (that is an interesting one) among others. Oh yeah, then there is $15-20 million dollar pool. The Multiplex has a projected $ 1.1 million operating deficit this year, a new pool would probably add another half to one million dollars operating deficit, so there will be an estimated 2 million dollars there alone, just to keep the doors open, on a year to year basis. And the lowly taxpayer gets to pay for this all. Fortunately, the Town is considering photo radar to help with its bottom line. With municipal elections only a few months away, both Town and County councils owe it to the people to define what the pool costs will be, and for how many years, the people will be paying for this project. Have a referendum, and let the people decide the fate of this project come this fall during the municipal elections, one way or the other. Leaving this decision to a council that can’t even make a budget and couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag is just wrong. Let the people decide, as it is their money that will pay, and pay, and pay for this project.

Howard Wilkie, Athabasca, AB


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