Mary Lambert performing in Boyle Nov. 24


Supporting Healthy Active Resilient Early Development Coalition targeting Boyle families in providing resources and free entertainment

Boyle and area families with young children have the opportunity to sing along with Grammy-nominated artist Mary Lambert and learn about local early childhood resources Nov. 24 at the Boyle Seniors’ Centre.

The new Supporting Healthy Active Resilient Early Development (SHARED) Coalition, which support Athabasca and Boyle, is putting on the free Children’s Concert through a grant from Early Childhood Coalitions Alberta (ECCA).

SHARED chair Christa Fuchs said refreshments would be provided 5:30-6:15 p.m., and after Lambert would take the stage for an hour-long interactive performance, including “Monkey Sing, Monkey Do!”

“I’ve never been to a performance of hers before, but I believe she goes out into the crowd and gets children to sing,” Fuchs said. “It’s a lot of movement, a lot of interactive instead of just sitting and watching.

Agencies such as Boyle School, Boyle Playschool, Alberta Health Services, Words Work Literacy and FCSS Parent Link will be on hand to provide information to parents with young children.

SHARED was formed last January after a previous early child development coalition in Athabasca dissolved. The SHARED Coalition received a grant from ECCA and decided to put it towards a spring and fall event each year.

This will be SHARED’s first event in Boyle, and their first-ever event was a fun fair at the Athabasca Regional Multiplex in April.

“The grant money is split between Athabasca and Boyle, (so) this what decided to do for Boyle,” Fuchs said. “It should be lots of fun. The big thing is fun. We’re trying to get things in Boyle to get those families out and involved in the different agencies in the area.”

SHARED member Nadine Byers said as the seasons turn, it is a good time to “get refreshed and new ideas.”

“Be reminded that even though it’s Christmastime and we’re busy with other things that…”

“…We still need to keep our kids busy and do things for them,” Fuchs finished.


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