Offering bad business


Reading the articles referring to Small Business Week, it is clear that most businesses in Athabasca offer their services in a skillful and respectful manner. Others that are not of the monopoly, when offered work opportunities, have shown to be an asset. That’s good community team work that helps commonality to thrive. Unfortunately, not all of you fall into this category of etiquette behaviour.

It seems you go out of your way to offer bad business. You sell overpriced; you peddle useless products and services. You practice so-called professionalism; you deliver chaos. You ask for our business; you offer what is not acceptable. You have formed a circle and joined as one and that is how you have gained a monopoly. This is becoming a concern for many.

The worst is attitude! You carry an air of authority, as though you are above and beyond. You expect us to accept this behaviour because you hold a monopoly and we should support our community. (We are filling YOUR bank account – you are not filling ours.)

Athabasca citizens are a common sight in some communities that offer excellent services, much lower prices, quality products and RESPECT. You have been obtaining all your principal products and services from these communities for many years, while we continued to support your business. (We will no longer circulate thousands of dollars through your type of system because we can no longer tolerate whatever the hell you perceive to represent.)

Your main focus and goal should be to attract more business for yourselves and others, and develop an alluring name for this community. Instead of understanding that fact, you design oppressive policy and high-handed rules, no doubt, to lead naive others into your false perception. You blatantly attempt to corrupt the status quo, and you care more about this ridiculous scheme than you do about those who depend on the community’s solid structure.

You are no more upstanding than anyone else and whatever business you run, whatever title you have, whatever job you hold, whatever position you define – you do not carry a CROWN OF GLORY.

Bottom line! You are not indispensable! You poop just like the rest f us!

With respect and concern for my community,

Sharon Schaub

Athabasca, AB


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