Buffalo Lake to host annual rodeo


Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement rodeo has operated in the area since the 1970s

The Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement’s (BLMS) recreational committee is holding their open rodeo Aug. 25-26 at their recreational grounds.

Deana Auger, the treasurer of the BMLS’s nine-member recreation committee, said they first took over running the rodeo in 2012, but added that it has run in the area for more than 40 years.

“We usually get a crowd of between 300 to 400 people, weather permitting,” Auger said. “When we have it on weekends with rainy weather, we obviously get fewer people. But usually, the crowds we get are pretty good.”

Auger said that overall, she does not expect too many changes to how things have run at their previous events.

“We also do run a slow pitch ball tournament,” she said. “Around 10 teams usually come out to participate at the event, and they come from Edmonton, Kikino,  plus a few others.”

She added that to run all the events, they also need to secure sponsors.

“Our horses are usually supplied by Billy McDonald out of Kikino,” Auger said. “Our bulls and cows we usually get from the Les Trach Rodeo Company out of Saint Brides, a community 13 minutes west of St. Paul.”

Auger said the recreational grounds provide a lot of amenities, both for the performers, and for the spectators.

“We have a couple of ball diamonds there,” she said. “We also have a soccer field, the rodeo grounds, as well as some camping stalls at the event. As well, we usually host a rodeo dance during the Saturday evening every year, making the date this year Aug. 25.”

Auger added that they also have a racing track for their rodeo events.

“Although, we have not been able to run the chuck wagon event for the last four years,” she said. “We would have had to sign a contract with a rodeo circuit, and it would have cost hundreds of dollars per day, and we were not confident we could come up with the funding to have it.”

All in all, Auger hopes to see a good crowd come to the event in August.

“It is my hope that we will be able to pay for everything that is required,” she said. “Hopefully, we also have some nice weather. That’s the main thing.”


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