Doris Splane to step down as Athabasca County reeve


Splane served five years in position, plans to stay on county council

Athabasca County Reeve Doris Splane has declared she will not allow her name to stand for the reeve position at the county’s Oct. 10 organizational meeting.

In a letter dated Sept. 11 and presented at a county council meeting the same day, Splane said she can no longer remain in the reeve position “due to life’s circumstances” beyond her control.

“I’ve been dealing with this for some time because of a number of personal things in my own life,” Splane said verbally to council. “I love what I’m doing. I just can’t do justice to it if I have to take family responsibilities.”

The letter said Splane is willing to step into the role of deputy reeve if council wishes it.

“I am still willing to serve as deputy reeve and help as much as I can if council sees fit to grant me that privilege,” Splane said in the letter.

County council unanimously voted in favour of a motion by Coun. Larry Armfelt to accept the letter as information. Armfelt said while making the motion it comes “with regret.”

Athabasca County council decides on its reeve each year at its organizational meeting. In the letter, Splane said she has served in the role for five years.

“I have enjoyed serving you and the residents of Athabasca County in that position,” Splane said in the letter.

Splane said she hopes the council can continue to work as a team going forward.

“We are at the destiny of life and the time has come for me to step back,” Splane said in the letter. “Thanks for supporting me through the years and may we continue to function as a team serving well in our position governing Athabasca County.”


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