Students compete in junior high track and field day


Edwin Parr Composite School hosts 12-event competition

Edwin Parr Composite School (EPC) students pushed their physical limits as they competed at the annual Junior High Track and Field Day May 24.

Grade 8 and 9 students from EPC competed in twelve different track and field events at the school, with the top competitors going on to compete at a regional meet in Boyle May 30. The event includes six running, three throwing and three jumping disciplines and took place at the school’s outdoor fields.

EPC physical education teacher Lance Gyte said the event gives students a chance to compete with friends and can encourage more interest in track and field.

“They get a chance to compete with their friends. They get a day where they’re working with their friends and seeing how to do track and field properly,” Gyte said in an interview. “Next year, hopefully, they’ll get more interested into track and we can take more kids into a track and field at the senior high level.”

Gyte said gym classes show the students how to compete in each of the different sports before they are registered each student in three to six events at the track and field day. Roughly 200 students were part of the competition, Gyte added.

Grade 8 student T.J. Bobocel, who competed in long jump, discus, shot put and the 200-metre run, said it is enjoyable to spend a day competing against friends.

“It’s fun versing friends, especially beating them,” Bobocel said in an interview. “Just hanging out with friends, not doing school work. It’s like gym all day.”

Last year’s event also included Grade 7 students from Landing Trail Intermediate School, but Gyte said a shorter organization period for the event prevented it this year.

“We ended up kind of organizing it at the last minute this year, so we didn’t get a chance to invite the Grade 7s up,” Gyte said.

Overall, Gyte said the day was a success.

“It’s gone excellent,” Gyte said. “The kids seem to be having a really good time.”


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